September 25, 2011


Never heard u say ..  For years there was a fantastic hair designer in sl called Prosperitus Nakamura doing amazing custom work and known from the “I Love Olive Hairstore”. Now she desided to return with a new project called “Pomme d’ Amour.

This excites me very much cause i was a big fan from her work and still today. Some of her  hairs made it really as sl vintage / classics.

I bought the Brown pack from the Apple hair as you see here above. I can honestly say what a nice work again … this is somebody that really knows hair and hairmaking.

Check out the first few designs here:

Visit Pomme d’ Amour @ Ashur

x lalatrendy


I love Olive released a new hair called Jolene , seeing it on the blogs i just had to try the demo and it was an instant luv thingie again !

A girl needs a treat now and then and this hair is definitly what i call a treat ,wearing it made me  feel totaly matched with the I love Olive Hair.

You can try the Jolene Hair here in one of the I Love Olive stores … ,



Other Credits:

Skirt – Ducknipple – Roger – Miniskirts

Blouse – artilleri – beatrix

Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Shanti Black ( very happy to see that shoes are on super prices now )

Glasses sl vintage from suite 17 ( not on the market anymore )

Racing my way to the studio to lay the last mastering to my song  i got a message ” NEW HAIR RELEASE I LOVE  ” .

 I took a U-turn and made a bit of a detour to pick it up and well wooow what a hair, its a vintage inspired so naturally flowing hair. One of the first time they use flexi and it makes it perfect. Its just long enough to not be in the way and feel and fall good with everything. For me they did it again. I really like like this hair.


This new hair is certainly worth a try, like most of the Olive hairs its made with knowledge and love and it makes u just feel good. A certain add for a girls haircollection.

The Dress is from VITA’S BOUDOIR and called Madame Chou Chou. This is a great shop i got to know related to a rl excisting fashion design label in Croatia. rl / sl they make great stuff. Definity also worth a visit !

Shop Locations:

Dress : VITA’S BOUDOIR -Madame Chou Chou:





Necklace: Fairy Tail NEW Main Shop – [fairy tail] JOKER BonBons


Boots: Indyra Originals- Coquette Noir: Discipline Boots :


Gloves: Emery Mainstore-  Gloves Studded Pure


Jacket: Aoharu – RollupridersJK


Lost in Wasteland!

March 26, 2010

What better place to lose myself then the  dessert of the wastelands. Its between me , the sand , the junk and hopefully a walk in the right direction ….


This place is for me one of those places that stand for the goods in sl and i love wandering around the inspiring creative builds from wastelanders.

The Hair is the new exciting long volumed hair from

 I Love Olive

, so happy to have a new Olive each time )))

The Clothing is:

 *COCO* – TrenchCoat DarkBlue ,

[SC] Surf Couture – Colleen – Navy ,

Miel Lo Socks Ebony …

What a funny funky amazing styled vintage hair ” I Love Olive came out with this week ” , i cant get it attached of my head “giggle” , definitly a must have in a girls collection.


I love Olive Hair is becomming on my top list of best hairmakers on the Grid. Why ? Look at the hairs ? and most of all finaly somebody making something different … keep them comming Prosperitus Nakamura and feed this girls hunger for great hair design.

I Love Olive Hair Store:



First spring !

March 18, 2010

Sun was breaking true, finaly spring was there, bit cold but this  jacket  ( R.icielli) and boots ( Annex)  kept me warm; i just couldnt  resist taking a ride to the (Artilleri) beach.


I have a thing with the ocean , it loads a free spirit like me every time i am near , makes me wonder in my thoughts all the good moments i had with the sea and will have… i hanged till nightfall with the breeze true my hair ( Mara – I Love Olive Hair ) and the sound of the waves singing in my ears.  Wonders of nature are just so amazing. I ll be back here a lot …  this spring !

I Love Olive just came with an exciting new Release , a half lang messy curly rocking hair with wild bangs called  “Starr” . 


Must say it is totaly what i luv in a hair, i bought them all :))


The I love Olive Stores:


Finaly i got that old shool tattoo style on me and the tattoo shop that did it for me was Aitui. They definitly have the skill to get you pleased with some artwork on your skin.  With allready  a drink before the tattoo and few after with a girlfriend i run into , i definitly needed a place to spend the night . After a short stop to the liqour store :))  i stranded in the first best sleezy motel close to the tattoo shop.


Must say that it was  one of those  time of my moments on my own again.  Fresh from under the needle , new hairstyle  from the I love Olive Salon , half naked in a candyheart top from “Lovelace” with some golden oldie playing , Lonesome Town from Nelson Ricky ….  and the rest ( few drinks  later ) .. history .. ! Second life can be good.

Places to be :

Aitui  Tattoo & Fashion House –  Sacred Pain /Full Body

I love Olive Hairstore – Milla / Cotton Candy

LoveLace 2010 Lingerie Collection. Candy is Dandy ! – ❤ LoveLace 2010 ❤ Creme . Strawberry

Redgrave – [*RG*] Girls’ Biker Boots -White

One of my favorite hair designers came on the Le.Look sim, I love Olive Hairstore. Stopping on there new designed spot , the Valerie hair spotted my eye, what a wonderfull hair , definitly one to wear and to shoot a loooot. With allready one great item in my shopping bag i couldnt resist to go around this explosion of established shops , le.look represents really a sum of sl ‘s respected designers.

Dont know if it was really a challenge to style me here at le.look :)) but i definitly came out with some great things in no time..


The Mother Road came out as perfect place to shoot for my crash shopping at Le.Look !


Valerie Dark Blonde – I love Olive Hair

[*RG*] Girls’ Biker Boots -White-

-Glam Affair- Susan pink


fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Regular)

A selfexpresive fashionista with and edge writing another blog thats me, Kalika Karu.  It was definitly my time to tell my view on sl fashion , design and other creative braintwists in this virtual world . I love to see whats happening underground in sl and mix match all those wonderfull things and places with a unique as possible fahion style and story. As i blog i live my second life. An Out of the box , creative , rock ‘ n styling adventure.

huggies !